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Genebre TD Trap

Thermodynamic steam trap with strainer

1. Stainless steel steam trap.
2. Compact structure.
3. With strainer.
4. High durability and easy maintenance.
5. Application: Steam pipelines drainage.
6. Threaded ends according to ASME B1.20.1 NPT.

Working Conditions:

Body design conditions: PN63.
Maximum allowable pressure (PMA): 63 bar at 120ºC.
Minimum allowable temperature: 0ºC.
Maximum allowable temperature (TMA): 425ºC.
Maximum operating temperature (TMO): 400ºC at 43
bar g.
Maximum operating pressure (PMO) for saturated
steam service: 52 bar g.
Minimum operating differential pressure for
satisfactory operation: 0,25 bar.
PMOB: Maximum backpressure should not exceed
80% of the inlet pressure.
The preferred installation is in horizontal position.

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