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Genebre Float Trap Flanged

Ball float steam trap (high discharge capacity)

1. Carbon steel 1.0619 (WCB) steam trap.
2. Stainless steel internal parts.
3. Integral automatic air venting.
4. High durability and easy maintenance.
5. Application: Steam pipelines drainage.
6. Flanged ends according to EN 1092-1 PN16.
7. DN25: Single Seat
DN40-50: Double Seat
Working Conditions:
Horizontal installation (see the indication arrow).
See arrow of flow direction.
Body design conditions: PN16.
Maximum allowable pressure (PMA): 16 bar at 120ºC.
Maximum allowable temperature (TMA): 250ºC at 12 bar.
Limit working conditions for saturated steam: 14 bar at 200 ºC.

Maximum differential pressure:
Model 045: ΔP max 4,5 bar
Model 100: ΔP max 10 bar

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